Rules & Regulations for Rentals

  •  Unit Owners are required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the Village of Fox Lake prior to leasing a unit. A Certificate must be obtained for each new tenant. The Village of Fox Lake building department may be contacted at 847-587-3176 for additional information.
  • Unit must be owner occupied for a two-year period following the closing date prior to transacting a lease. Units owned or under sales contract prior to April 20, 2020 are grandfathered in to the prior Rule, and those grandfathered owners will still be required to occupy the unit for one year prior to leasing.  Leases will not be approved unless the criteria have been met.
  • All owners wishing to rent or sell their units shall do so at their own time and expense.
  • All owners will submit a completed Vacation Village rental application with a Condominium Unit Lease in advance of the move-in date.
  • Owners must provide background checks for any tenant or occupant 18 years of age or older. Background checks must be done by a reputable company and must include the applicant's county of residence; information is provided in the rental packet available in the Management Office.
  • Upon receipt of the completed rental application, lease, rider and background check, the information will be submitted to the Manager for approval. Approval will be completed within 48 hours of receipt.
  • All lease applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Unit Owners must lease the entire unit. The unit cannot be leased for transient or hotel purposes. The lease period will be for a one-year term.
  • At the time the new or renewal renter registers with the office, a fee of $100.00 must be paid. A picture pass will then be issued, along with a sticker for each vehicle owned by the renter(s). The sticker is to be placed on the lower left-hand corner (driver’s side) of the windshield.
  • Owners should advise renters to obtain a rental insurance policy to cover personal items should a loss occur.
  • Unit Owners who do not have a current lease, or do not complete the application process and allow their tenant(s) to occupy the unit will be notified and if they do not comply by the first of the following month, they will be fined up to $150.00 per month for each month they are not in compliance.
  • All renters’ vehicles must be registered in the office.
  • The number of persons living in each unit full time will be limited to no more than the numbers below.
    Weekender (small studio)..... 2 people
    Islander (large studio)......... 2 people
    Clipper (1 bedroom).............. 3 people            
    Alpine (1 bedroom) ............. 3 people
    Explorer (2 bedroom)........... 4 people
    Innsbruck (2 bedroom)....... 4 people
  • Owners are responsible for all violations incurred by their tenant(s). Upon receipt of a “Notice of Violation”, the unit owner must appear at the Fines and Violation meeting. Tenants may accompany the Unit Owner. If a fine is imposed it will be assessed directly to the Unit Owner’s assessment account.
  • Owners who rent their units are prohibited from access to recreational facilities: Pavilion, LeClub and Pool.